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All in-stock doll is in our US warehouse now, you can get them in about 2-7 work days. 

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In Stock 5.18ft /158cm Lifelike Big Breas Sex Dolls – Solange


In Stock 5.18ft /158cm Lifelike Black Sex Dolls – Yasmin


In Stock 5.18ft/158cm Full Body Big Booty Sex Doll – Maureen


In Stock 5.4ft / 162cm Big Booty Sex Dolls – Rohan


In Stock 5.5ft /168cm Cheap Life Size Sex Doll – Riva


In Stcok 5.2ft/158cm Life Size Sex Doll – Arlene


In Stock 4.92ft/150cm Full Size Blonde Hair Love Doll – Maud


In Stock 5.18ft/158cm Silicone Head Love Sex Dolls – Doris


In Stock 5.1ft/157cm Sexy Lady Sex Doll- Hula


In Stock 5.1ft/157cm Silicone Head Love Dolls – Kenzie


In Stock 5.1ft/157cm Small Boobs Sex Dolls – Hyra


In Stock 5.25ft/160cm Cheap TPE Sex Dolls – Denise


In Stock 5.25ft/160cm Japanese Style Ultra TPE Sex Doll – Hmi


In Stock 5.25ft/160cm Silicone Head+TPE Body Love Dolls – Deirdrey


In Stock 5.2ft/158cm Furry Sex Doll – Setlla


In Stock 5.2ft/158cm Tanned Skin Sex Dolls – Pearl


In Stock 5.2ft/158cm TPE Sex Dolls – Dame


In Stock 5.3ft/159cm Mega Brast Silicone Head Sex Doll – Houna


In Stock 5.51ft / 168cm Silicone Head Implanted Hair Big Boobs Sex Dolls – Koreen


In Stock 5.51ft / 168cm Silicone Head Implanted Hair Big Boobs Sex Dolls – Liory


In Stock 5.51ft / 168cm Silicone Head Implanted Hair Big Breast Sex Dolls – Joana


In Stock 5.58ft / 170cm Lifelike Small Boobs Sex Dolls – Fredy


In Stock 5.58ft/170cm Lifelike Silicone Head Sex Dolls – Naya


In Stcok 5.2ft/158cm Full Body Sex Doll – Betsy


Something About US In Stock Sex Dolls

•What is Cheap Sex Dolls About?

Refers to cheaper dolls, mainly dolls that are in stock in the United States. They are shipped as soon as you buy them.

•How many days will it take for the dolls in stock to be delivered?

Delivery time is 3-7 work days for in-stock dolls.

•Why in stock dolls are cheaper than other?

Yes, they are all the same material and quality, why are they so cheap?That because the dolls in stock are shipped directly from local warehouses in the United States, so compared to customization, customed doll need to be shipped from factories in China, and may need to be shipped by sea or air to the United States, and then delivered to customers. The cost is relatively higher.

•Does the in stock sex Doll support global delivery?

Sorry about that.Currently, shipments are only supported to the United States, Oceania, most countries in Europe and individual countries in Asia.

•If I want to customize a in stock doll, is it possible?

Cool, that's a good question, considering that our customers will have this need, so our in stock dolls can be customized in terms of functions or details. But the customization of dolls needs to be determined before producing them, there are customization options in our product tab, or the product appears in the product customization category, such products support customization!

High Quality Control & Best Price Guarantee & Price Match

We have been professionally producing dolls for many years, we can control the quality of the sex dolls very well, whether it is makeup or the skeleton of the doll and other things, we checked carefully before shipped. We promised that the dolls you will get are the same as the advertised.

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