Jasmine Sex Doll

Jasmine Sex Doll is a classic doll in the doll industry and is still very popular today. Jasmine Sex Doll is a BBW Sex Doll with a perfect body. She was designed and developed by Jinsan Factory, but now many factories can produce her. The quality is not worse than that of Jinsan Factory, and the price is half cheaper than that of Jinsan Factory. It is a good choice for novices.

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In Stock 5.3ft / 163cm BBW Jasmine Sex Doll


In Stock 5.35ft / 163cm Big Boobs Jasmine Sex Doll


In Stock 5.3ft / 163cm Big Ass Jasmine Sex Doll


In Stock 5.3ft/163cm Sex Doll Jasmine


In Stock 5.3ft/163cm New Chubby Jasmine Sex Doll


In Stock 5.3ft/163cm Big Ass Jasmine Sexdoll


Why Is Your Jasmine Sex Doll Cheaper?

Many people wonder why our Jasmine Sex Doll is much cheaper than others. Now many factories can produce this doll, not only WMDOLL. Regardless of the materials and packaging used to produce the doll, the workmanship is no worse than that of WMDOLL, because WMDOLL is a big brand. The premium is very high. The cost of producing dolls is almost the same. So if you have a limited budget and you want a Jasmine Sex Doll,  there is no need to buy this doll from WM. Ours is a great choice for novices and people with limited budgets.

Jasmine Sex Doll Factory Pictures

We promise you will get the doll the same as the our factory pictures.

Jasmine Sex DollBBW Jasmine Sex DollJasmine Sex Doll