Sex Doll Care

How do I clean my sex doll? 

These recommendations are specific to TPE dolls.

Keeping your sex doll clean and well maintained is key to preserving the longevity of your new love doll. To ensure proper hygiene and longevity of your new doll, please use the following recommendations as a guideline only.

 Essential kit for cleaning your sex doll:

  • Comb (provided)
  • Sulfate-free soap or mild liquid soap. 
  • Water 
  • Vaginal irrigator (provided)
  • Soft cloth (microfibre is ideal) or sponge
  • Dry soft towel or chamois cloth. 
  • Powder (corn starch/flour or baby powder)
  • Powder brush. 
  • Mineral baby oil. 
  • Vaseline / Petroleum Jelly. 
  • Eyelash glue
  • Fingernail glue
  • Blush/ makeup palette of various pinks/reds/ browns.

How often should i clean my sex doll?

  • Please clean your doll before its very first use to remove factory residue. 
  • Dolls should be cleaned monthly if they are not stored away from dust.
  • We recommend cleaning dolls after every sexual use in the key areas.


General maintenance (dependant on use):

  • We recommend TPE dolls be oiled 3-4 times/year max. Do not over oil. 
  • Apply a very small amount of vaseline/petroleum jelly to high-stress areas e.g knees, inner groin and openings when needed.
  • Apply cornstarch/flour to your doll before storing for long periods.
  • Do not use alcohol or silicone-based products eg found in lubricants, wipes and perfumes. 


What are our top 5 expert tips for an easy clean?

  1. Use a male or female condom during sex to contain fluid.
  2. Purchase a doll with a removable vagina inserts for easy cleaning. 
  3. For a fixed vagina, use a fan or insert tampons to assist with drying.
  4. When using powder or oil it’s best to hang your doll first or lay it down. 
  5. For localised cleaning, a small spray bottle is great. Soap to water 1:5 mix.

How do I clean my sex doll?

  • Start by removing any excess lubricant or body fluid with a soft towel.
  • Remove the vaginal insert if applicable. 
  • Remove the wig and clean this separately. 
  • The insert can be washed in anti-bacterial warm soapy water in a sink and allowed to air dry thoroughly. 
  • For the full doll – lay your doll on towels on a bed and use a spray bottle mix of (preferably sulfate-free) soap and clean warm water, gently massage the doll’s skin with your hands, or wipe down with a clean sponge. 
  • It is safest to lie your doll on top of towels and spray then wipe but if you are confident handling your doll’s weight and enjoy water-play, see below.
  • You can shower or bathe a doll if you take care of the “skeleton” eg try not to let the neck or head become too wet. This is to prevent damage to the “skeleton” and potential mould. You can cover the metal areas with a plastic bag if you find this easier or ensure feet (with metal bolts) are left out of the bath for example.  
  • Wet dolls are slippery – a plastic stool in a shower is safer than standing. 
  • Do not use abrasive soaps or any other general cleaning products.
  • Do not use hard sponges or wire brushes as this will cause damage. 
  • It’s easiest to lie your doll on towels on a bed to allow it to dry. 
  • Tip: Try spreading the legs and using a small fan to hasten dry.
  • Do not put the doll near an open fire or a radiator to dry. 


How do I clean the vagina/ anus/ mouth?

  • To clean any of the openings, we recommend using a water irrigator to spray into the opening, allowing the water to run out of the opening. You can use a shower-hose attachment if you don’t have a water irrigator but on a LOW and gentle setting. 
  • Alternatively, you can simply use a wet (soft) cloth to clean manually with tepid soapy water. Ensure you clean thoroughly, reaching all areas of the opening.
  • You can also clean the openings while showering or bathing your doll using your hand or a small sponge (see above re care of skeleton)
  • With all methods of cleaning- leave your doll’s legs slightly open, so that the vagina and anus are open to the air, and can dry naturally. Don’t leave your doll’s legs too far apart as this can cause damage over time.
  • Once the doll is completely dry, apply a small amount of vaseline to love holes. 
  • Do not use abrasive soaps or any other harsh chemical cleaning products.


How do I clean my sex doll’s face?

  • Remove the head from the body 
  • Remove the wig if possible.
  • Apply warm antibacterial soapy water with a sponge or cotton cloth and gently massage the face. 
  • Please note: Make-up is semi-permanent and can fade or be removed with mineral oil so it’s best to avoid excessive cleaning or rubbing to preserve the longevity of makeup. 
  • Pay close attention not to damage the eyes and eyelashes, and avoid getting these areas wet.
  • If you would like to remove the eyes prior to cleaning they are removable from the front by gently stretching the socket open, taking care not to damage the eyelashes. 
  • Gently pat down the face with a dry non-abrasive cloth, and allow to air dry naturally before re-attaching to the body. 

No no no no noooo. 

  • Do not submerge your doll’s head in water at any point.
  • Do not use abrasive soaps or any other harsh cleaning products.
  • Do not use harsh materials or hard/sharp objects. 
  • Do not apply too much pressure on the skin or skeleton.
  • Do not use a hairdryer or any other heating device on your doll.
  • Do not attempt to speed up drying by leaving near a radiator/ fire or any other heating device. (A cool fan will do the trick) 
  • Do not apply perfumes as these contain alcohol which is very drying*
  • Do not use baby wipes, yes really. (the ingredients damage TPE)
  • Do not use any kind of solvent unless advised for repair. 
  • Do not use silicone-based lubricants/products.  
  • Do not dress or store in dark clothes unless checked for colour fastness eg soak repeatedly in a basin until the water is clear and the dye no longer runs.  
  • For other “no no” see Storage/Handling below.

*Tip: Use cinnamon in powder or spray perfume on wigs/clothes if you wish. 


How do I dry my sex doll after cleaning?

Ensuring your doll has dried completely is important to limit the chance of damage. 

  • Pat-dry gently with a clean soft cotton cloth and allow the skin to air-dry fully.
  • You can apply a little bit of powder to your doll’s body once dry as it prevents damage from friction. Do not over-powder as it can be very drying and draw out the oils in the TPE. It is not necessary to powder often. 
  • Many recommend using vaseline in the orifices as both a protective measure and as a lubricant. 

How do I clean my sex doll’s wig?

  • The wig should always be removed from the doll’s head before cleaning.
  • It’s best to give the wig a comb before cleaning starting at the ends first. 
  • It’s easiest to clean in a small hand basin or even a bath is great if the hair is quite long.
  • Fill the basin with COLD water and add a coin-sized squirt of soap to make a mini “bubble bath” for the wig. Sulfate-free shampoo is the best.
  • You need to use cold water you risk losing the style eg curls. 
  • Submerge the wig and agitate it gently then leave for approx 5mins to soak. 
  • Drain the sink and rinse gently from top till water runs clear – no bubbles.
  • We recommend combing the hair straight after cleaning allowing the wig to air dry on a wig stand. Any curls/style will bounce back. 
  • Do not allow the wig to dry on the doll’s head.
  • Do not use hair products to style the hair, they may cause damage to the doll’s skin and face.


Handling, moving and storing my sex doll:

  • Avoid storing the doll in direct sunlight, this can cause damage and discolouration.
  • Store the doll at room temperature, in a dry environment. Avoid bathrooms/ garages or other storage areas that can become damp or prone to mould.
  • Do not leave the doll on artificial or stained materials including leather sofas or in dark clothing for long periods. 
  • Keep the doll away from open flames.
  • Avoid leaving the doll in difficult positions for extended periods of time, the skin can become stretched and damaged and even split if not returned to a natural position after use. Natural is considered lying as though boxed. 
  • We recommend the following options; storing the doll lying flat in a sex doll storage box or the original packaging box, standing (with support eg a pillow behind their backside against the wall) is also ok for some dolls that are not too busty or lying in your bed if you have a memory foam mattress. 
  • When handling or moving your doll, be sure to follow general rules for moving heavy objects: Keep your back straight, bend with the knees and hips.
  • We find the dolls are easiest to move when held vertical. We recommend wrapping both arms around the doll’s waist forming a ‘Bearhug’ position.
  • Do not lift the doll using any of the limbs or head, always hold the body.
  • DO NOT throw over your shoulder as you could put pressure on the “spine”.

Tips for replacing fingernails:

  • Lay the doll in the neutral position.
  • Align the (loose) fingernails that have fallen off with the bare fingernails. This is so you can work out which fingernail matches which finger.
  • Once you have selected your fingernail, apply a thin and even layer of glue on the bare fingernail area. Ensure the area is clean and dry first, free from any dirt or talc.
  • Do not over apply the glue, aim for an even yet thin covering. Avoid applying too much, causing it to spill outside the nail area.
  • Once aligned correctly, press and hold the nail on for 5 seconds – without touching any glue.
  • Excess glue is difficult to remove, so it’s best to avoid any spillages altogether. In the event of glue overspill, remove the glue immediately with a microfibre cloth and hot soapy water. 
  • To remove fingernails use a set of tweezers and gently pull the nail toward you away from the doll (in a gentle motion to avoid any damage). 

Tips for replacing the eyes:

  • Lay the doll in the neutral position.
  • Gently and carefully pull the eyelids apart (Up and down, not left and right) with one hand, without touching the eyelashes or make-up.
  • With the other hand, remove the eye and remove all the packing.
  • “Scrunch” the packing tightly into the new eye.
  • With one hand, pull the eyes apart, without touching the eyelashes or make-up.
  • With the other hand, pop the new eye into the socket and adjust.

Tips for reattaching loose eyelashes:

  • Lay your doll down flat, facing upwards.
  • Apply a small amount of glue to a paperclip, pin, cocktail stick or any other household “tool” with a fine tip. We recommend a cocktail stick.
  • Pull the eyelash gently back and apply glue to the back of the eyelash (not the doll) and allow to go “tacky” for a moment before pressing on. 
  • Holding the ends of the eyelash and not touching the glue, press it carefully into the position you want it to stick.
  • Hold for 5 seconds and let go.