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The Full Size Sex Doll is different from the Sex Doll Torso, which is copied according to the size of the human body, including the chest, waist and buttocks, which has a strong simulation, and there is no big difference with the human size in number. In addition, the skin color and facial features of the doll, sexual organs collect relevant information about human beings.

Just like humans, they also have joints, and they can pose almost any posture that humans can do, which can maximize the requirements of various postures during sex, enrich the sex experience, and enhance the sense of experience and simulation.

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In Stock 5.38ft / 164cm High End Real Life Sex Doll – Alexondra


In Stock 5.18ft /158cm Lifelike Big Breas Sex Dolls – Solange


In Stock 5.18ft /158cm Lifelike Black Sex Dolls – Yasmin


In Stock 5.4ft / 162cm Big Booty Sex Dolls – Rohan


In Stock 5.5ft /168cm Cheap Life Size Sex Doll – Riva


In Stock Lifelike Sex Doll Butt Torso


In Stcok 5.2ft/158cm Life Size Sex Doll – Arlene


In Stock 5.18ft/158cm Silicone Head Love Sex Dolls – Doris


In Stock 5.1ft/157cm Sexy Lady Sex Doll- Hula


In Stock 5.1ft/157cm Silicone Head Love Dolls – Kenzie


In Stock 5.1ft/157cm Small Boobs Sex Dolls – Hyra


In Stock 5.25ft/160cm Cheap TPE Sex Dolls – Denise


In Stock 5.25ft/160cm Japanese Style Ultra TPE Sex Doll – Hmi


In Stock 5.25ft/160cm Silicone Head+TPE Body Love Dolls – Deirdrey


In Stock 5.2ft/158cm Furry Sex Doll – Setlla


In Stock 5.2ft/158cm Tanned Skin Sex Dolls – Pearl


In Stock 5.2ft/158cm TPE Sex Dolls – Dame


In Stock 5.3ft/159cm Mega Brast Silicone Head Sex Doll – Houna


In Stock 5.51ft / 168cm Silicone Head Implanted Hair Big Boobs Sex Dolls – Koreen


In Stock 5.51ft / 168cm Silicone Head Implanted Hair Big Boobs Sex Dolls – Liory


In Stock 5.51ft / 168cm Silicone Head Implanted Hair Big Breast Sex Dolls – Joana


In Stock 5.58ft / 170cm Lifelike Small Boobs Sex Dolls – Fredy


In Stock 5.58ft/170cm Lifelike Silicone Head Sex Dolls – Naya


In Stcok 5.2ft/158cm Full Body Sex Doll – Betsy


Comparison between Full Size Sex Dolls and Sex Doll Torso

Full Size Sex Dolls usually have a realistic appearance and touch, including various parts of the body, such as hair, eyes, skin, etc., to provide a more realistic sexual experience.They usually have multiple sexual functions, including movable joints, variable body positions, replaceable sexual organs, etc., providing more options for sexual experience.

 Full Size Sex Dolls can not only serve as sexual partners, but also as objects of companionship and comfort, meeting loneliness and psychological needs.Men can choose different hairstyles, skin tones, eye colors, chest sizes, etc. according to their preferences to meet personalized needs.

Sex Doll Torso are cheaper because they have only part of the body and are usually cheaper and easier to get than Full Size Sex Dolls. And because they are only the upper body, they are easier to store and carry. In addition, the torso can be used in conjunction with other sex toys, such as penis molds, to increase diversity. Because of its small size, it is relatively easy to clean and maintain.Sex Doll Torso usually do not have the true appearance and body proportion of Full Size Real Doll, and may not be as realistic as Full Size Sex Dolls. There is usually no multi-joint activity, which may limit the diversity and adaptability of sexual behavior. They usually contain only the upper body and lack the hug and companionship provided by Full Body Love Dolls.