Life Size Sex Dolls

 Life size sex doll is probably the most popular type of doll. It is made in proportion to the human figure, which can be said to replicate the head, body, joints, trunk, limbs and other parts of our human body in equal proportion. 

 This type of doll can be made of TPE and Silicone, and can be high-precision replicated through the skin to create a physical Full Size Sex Doll that is not much different from humans. The highly realistic nose, eyes, and mouth demonstrate this.

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In Stock 5.38ft / 164cm High End Real Life Sex Doll – Alexondra


In Stock 5.18ft /158cm Lifelike Big Breas Sex Dolls – Solange


In Stock 5.18ft /158cm Lifelike Black Sex Dolls – Yasmin


In Stock 5.4ft / 162cm Big Booty Sex Dolls – Rohan


In Stock 5.5ft /168cm Cheap Life Size Sex Doll – Riva


In Stcok 5.2ft/158cm Life Size Sex Doll – Arlene


In Stock 5.18ft/158cm Silicone Head Love Sex Dolls – Doris


In Stock 5.1ft/157cm Sexy Lady Sex Doll- Hula


In Stock 5.1ft/157cm Silicone Head Love Dolls – Kenzie


In Stock 5.1ft/157cm Small Boobs Sex Dolls – Hyra


In Stock 5.25ft/160cm Cheap TPE Sex Dolls – Denise


In Stock 5.25ft/160cm Japanese Style Ultra TPE Sex Doll – Hmi


In Stock 5.25ft/160cm Silicone Head+TPE Body Love Dolls – Deirdrey


In Stock 5.2ft/158cm Furry Sex Doll – Setlla


In Stock 5.2ft/158cm Tanned Skin Sex Dolls – Pearl


In Stock 5.2ft/158cm TPE Sex Dolls – Dame


In Stock 5.3ft/159cm Mega Brast Silicone Head Sex Doll – Houna


In Stock 5.51ft / 168cm Silicone Head Implanted Hair Big Boobs Sex Dolls – Koreen


In Stock 5.51ft / 168cm Silicone Head Implanted Hair Big Boobs Sex Dolls – Liory


In Stock 5.51ft / 168cm Silicone Head Implanted Hair Big Breast Sex Dolls – Joana


In Stock 5.58ft / 170cm Lifelike Small Boobs Sex Dolls – Fredy


In Stock 5.58ft/170cm Lifelike Silicone Head Sex Dolls – Naya


In Stcok 5.2ft/158cm Full Body Sex Doll – Betsy


In Stock 4.85ft/150cm Real life like Sex Doll – Jessa


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 The high fidelity of her appearance is the reason why customers choose her the most, which is also her unique advantage. Her appearance and texture have reached almost the same feeling as human skin.And some dolls' organs can be customized, such as hair, eyes, facial features, body shape, etc., to ensure that their appearance is similar to that of a real person.

High fidelity has always been the focus of customers. Apart from being unable to communicate with human beings, they are almost the same as human beings. In addition, our dolls have added lower body sucking function, which can be said to be more realistic. In addition, we have introduced the function of hip shaking, which we call Electric Hip Sex Dolls, and strive to make dolls work harder to cooperate with customer experience and participate in sex.