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Can Sex Dolls Wear Shoes? How To Wear Shoes To Reduce Foot Damage?

Many sex doll owners wonder if their dolls can wear shoes. What kind of shoes should sex dolls wear? How can I wear shoes to minimize foot damage to dolls? The editor has some suggestions for these questions.

Firstly, the answer is yes. You can choose from many types of shoes for sex dolls, but there are also many things to pay attention to. After all, dolls are made of plastic, and even silicone is not very hard, which makes the feet of dolls very fragile and requires special care.

Most sex doll enthusiasts recommend wearing flat shoes, especially sneakers, because flat shoes can cover and support the entire sole and ankle. Dolls with pre-installed standing functions can stand in flat shoes as long as the skeleton is not too loose.

Furthermore, even for dolls with pre-installed standing functions, the editor does not recommend wearing high heels. On the one hand, high heels have a certain slope, making it difficult to stand in any type of high heels and particularly difficult to maintain balance. On the other hand, the soles and toes of sex dolls often do not have delicate skeletons and are usually made of wire structures, which often cause the soles to slide forward, and the toes may be squeezed or deformed. Of course, if you really want to put high heels on sex dolls, it’s best to do so while sitting or lying down.

Here are some things to keep in mind when putting shoes on sex dolls:

  1. Try to avoid wearing high heels, as it is difficult to find balance and easy to damage the doll’s feet.
  2. Do not let sex dolls wear pointed shoes, as this will squeeze the doll’s toes and make them stick together.
  3. Even if the doll has a standing function and is wearing shoes, do not let the doll stand for long periods.
  4. Do not let the doll wear shoes for too long, as this will cause wrinkles on the soles and ankles.
  5. When putting on shoes, do not exert too much force, as dolls are ultimately made of rubber and are easily compressed and deformed.
  6. Place a thick insole, including memory foam and gel insoles, to help protect the doll’s feet.
  7. Always put socks on the doll to protect its feet.
  8. The size of the shoes should be appropriate, leaving about a finger’s width after putting them on, and in special cases, it is better to go a size up than down.
  9. Keep talcum powder or baby powder handy. If you find the doll’s toes sticking together before or after putting on shoes, don’t worry. Just lightly sprinkle powder on the doll’s feet to separate them.
  10. Wrinkles on the feet are common. If this happens, let the doll lie flat on the floor, gently massage, and leave it for a while, and the wrinkles will disappear.
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