Why Are TIFA Sex Doll So Popular?

If you want to ask which sex doll is the most popular right now, it has to be TIFA Sex Doll. I think the reason why people like TIFA Love Dolls is because of the following two points:

Firstly, Tifa has the image and characteristics of a goddess, with the appearance of an angel, the figure of a devil, a voice like a bird, eyebrows with willow leaves, big eyes, thin lips, plus a standard oval face, wide double eyelids, and a high nose bridge. All the beautiful features of Western women are gathered here, but long black hair is characteristic of Eastern women.

The second reason is because of her character. She is strong, independent yet gentle, has a calm personality, is calm and considerate in situations, is considerate, and is a fighter with amazing power hidden under her beautiful and generous appearance. She always cares about the people around her and hates Shinra who took away her hometown. She once participated in radical activities as a member of the anti-Shinra organization “New Avalanche” led by Barrett. Tifa is as active and active as a boy, but she has a very reserved personality. She rarely expresses her thoughts and is even more cautious about love. Her feelings for Claude are relatively reserved and she often doesn’t know how to express them, but just like She said being able to convey feelings is not just through words


Based on this character, we made a doll that is 5.25ft/160cm tall, she has a silicone head, and hair transplant and a TPE body. Considering the cost issue, we do not make all-silicone dolls. The silicone head plus hair transplant meets the market demand, and most people can afford it.

In Stock 5.25ft/160cm Silicone Head Tifa Sex Doll

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